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At Inspired Movement we aim to offer the most diverse and exciting range of exercises for anyone of any age, size or fitness level. From rehabilitation to intensive cross training, we have an exercise style and programme that will suit your needs.

The common thread that holds our diverse tapestry together is our passion for exercise and movement — as our name suggests, this is what inspires us. The ability to heal, have fun and reach goals all within a safe, encouraging and comfortable setting. Our passionate and professionally-trained instructors have the skill and ability to both encourage the tentative as well as pushes the ambitious.

We offer a range of group classes in a number of disciplines and difficulty levels, from advanced high-impact cross training to low-intensity beginners sessions, as well as personal training and rehabilitation programmes for people with injuries or special concerns. Our aim is to get you moving and to ignite that same passion and inspiration that our instructors feel in you.

Our team is exceptionally qualified and committed — we all have our own personal story with fitness and our own area of expertise. From STOTT Pilates training to Zumba and Strong certifications as well as Personal Training qualifications and National Diplomas in Fitness, we have covered almost all areas of movement. Our instructors have chosen their strong suites and are waiting to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with you.


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Barre Fitt

A fun fusion of ballet conditioning exercises and traditional aerobics, Barre Fitt is music-based and never boring! Barre Fitt classes involve lots of standing work and major thigh, leg and bum sculpting – get the chiselled body of a dancer, while improving strength, stamina and coordination. No coordination needed, just some good energy!


Using music as motivation, and drawing on inspiration from exhilarating dance styles such as hip-hop and salsa, Zumba isn’t a monotonous series of squats and lunges, but an exciting, energetic all-round dance workout. One of the most popular exercise styles in the world, around 15 million people worldwide get their weekly cardio and core workout with Zumba.


yoga | pilates


The benefits of Yoga are undisputed among medical and fitness experts alike. Challenging poses improve flexibility, strength, and stamina, while the focus and disciple demanded while practicing Yoga calm your mind and improve your holistic wellbeing.

At Inspired Movement we specialise in Vinyasa Yoga, also often called Flow Yoga. Vinyasa is a contemporary Yoga style that involves a flowing sequence of movements matched to conscious control of the breath. Combining muscle toning and stretching with mental discipline and relaxation results in an improvement of health and wellbeing in both your body and mind.


The disciplined, controlled movements that make up Pilates are a highly effective form of low-impact exercise. By focussing on creating a strong core, Pilates helps to improve posture, balance and coordination while also toning and conditioning muscles throughout your body. When practiced regularly, Pilates also improves your strength and endurance, and it is a perfect complementary discipline for any fitness enthusiast, or as an all-round workout. Pilates movements can be modified so that they are effective no matter your strength and fitness level, and Inspired Movement provides beginner to advanced classes.


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Cross Train

A powerful merge of the toughest exercise forms around — our cross train classes and circuits combine calisthenics and cross training exercises to challenge the body in diverse and dynamic ways. The exercises include a variety of body weight moves which target the large muscle groups, cardiovascular system, balance and coordination. We then combine these with select equipment such as slam balls, battle ropes, boxes and monkey bars to increase strength, fitness and flexibility.

This results in all-round conditioning for the body, enhancing muscular and aerobic conditioning and stamina, as well as improving psychomotor skills such as balance and agility. Our trainers and the circuits they design offer varied, high-intensity movements that promote functional training for the body. Other benefits include an improvement in power, speed and coordination. Cross training offers the ultimate blended workout for optimum results.

STRONG by Zumba™

Pair the musical motivation that has made Zumba popular the world over with high intensity interval training that gets your blood pumping, heart racing and muscles burning and you have STRONG by Zumba™. From kickboxing to burpees, all the moves you know build muscle and endurance are paired with original music customised to encourage you push yourself to your limits.


Bootcamp involves a combination of body-weight and equipment-based exercises performed in intervals or in counted reps. Expect equipment, burn and breathlessness. While it is a high-intensity training style due to the timed intervals, beginners and intermediates are able to take the exercises at their own pace as endurance is built up.

Personal Training

The trainers at Inspired Movement are dedicated to giving all of our clients individualised, effective workouts, helping you to pursue your goals in your chosen disciplines in your own way and in your own time. Our knowledgeable trainers will help you with goal setting, motivation and some hard-hitting exercises to help you to gain strength, stamina and improve your overall health.

meet the instructors

Lisa Came


  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Barre Fitt
  • Personal Training

Lisa has been passionate about movement from a young age. After having numerous injuries and physical hiccups along the way, Lisa found Pilates as a form of safe and effective movement. After being a dedicated pupil for 5 years, she decided to expand into the realm of teaching and completed her STOTT Pilates Matwork training in 2014. Having found a new love in instructing, Lisa went on to complete her National Certificate in Fitness and then later completed her Yoga Group Training qualification through ETA College.

Lisa plans to continue her studies into movement including completing her STOTT Reformer qualification as well has her YTT200 and YTT300 over the next two years.

Candice Norden Pretorius


  • Personal Training
  • Zumba™
  • STRONG by Zumba™